• Civil and industrial building

    Veneto Vetro has been working in civil, industrial, tourist and religious building for 50 years together with the most important building firms and architecture studios as well as those involved in planning and creation of coverings, façades, doors and windows in every sort of building. Watch the Gallery
  • Interior design

    Glass is an indispensable element in any environment: classic or modern, public or private. Veneto Vetro makes glass for floorings and wall partitions, doors, railings and stairways according to any taste and functional requirements. Watch the Gallery
  • Private and contract furniture

    Tables, display cabinets, mirrors, glass furniture: the applications for glass in furnishing houses, offices, shops, hotels and restaurants are endless. Watch the Gallery
  • Sailing

    Boat building glass has specific performance requirements: Veneto Vetro makes flat and curved glass, tempered and coupled with PVB or SGP for windscreens, doors, lateral glass, walled glass and non-slip, walk-on glass. Watch the Gallery
  • Naval

    Portholes and windows of exceptional sizes and thicknesses for the external spaces of the ship tested to resist the pressure of the wind and the water with high thermal performance characteristics. The indoor spaces of large ships are unique and refined and we have been making railings, doors, coverings, equipped walls, tables and floorings for cruise ships, large fast ships and fast ferries now for many years. Watch the Gallery
  • Public and private transport

    Veneto Vetro produces front and rear windows for tractors, buses and cars, glass, screens and technical partition walls for any other vehicles such as trams and trains. Watch the Gallery
  • Sacred

    A new concept for artistic windows for churches, cathedrals and religious buildings, Veneto Vetro makes modern artistic safety windows. Triple-glazed Cromoglass reduces heat loss to a minimum and optimises safety and comfort performance. Made with suitable materials and compositions, modern Cromoglass artistic windows can achieve high heat insulation and sound proofing standards. Watch the Gallery
  • Green building

    Glass is 100% recyclable; it's an environmentally friendly choice. Watch the Gallery