Double glazing
Double glazing
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Double glazing

Maximum size in 3000 x 6000 mm

Double glazing
is formed of two panes of glass that are sealed and separated by an airspace, applied to windows for heat and soundproofing. Double or triple panes can be assembled.

Structural double glazing is assembled in the same way as traditional double glazing, but in this case the panes can be offset to enable gluing to the frame to create facades or “continuous” frames, with the uprights concealed for a glass wall effect. Silicon sealants are used for gluing that are specifically researched to withstand exposure to UV rays.

Veneto Vetro assembles extremely large double glazed sheets for residential and commercial buildings, and for high performance internal partitions.
They produce traditional double glazing, safety double glazing, structural double glazing, low emission double glazing, selective double glazing, double glazing with increased sound and heat insulation.

To improve the heat insulation even further Veneto Vetro also performs these additional processes to the double glazing:

  • The air between the two panes can be replaced with noble gas (argon or krypton) which considerably improves the heat insulation.
  •  One of the inner surfaces can be coated with a fine transparent silver based layer which traps the heat inside the home much better.
  • The so-called “hot edge” can be applied, which is a stainless steel section covered in plastic film for the window frame, in place of aluminium, itself a good heat conductor.
  • One of the two panes can be coated with a fine film of special noble metal oxides that reflect the heat on the outside. Besides keeping the home warm in the winter this system considerably decreases the heat of the sunrays on the window in the summer, keeping the interiors much cooler.

To improve soundproofing it is important to know that:

  • Two panes of different thickness, and the different vibration they give helps reduce noise.

  • Stratified glass with pvb with soundproofing properties. The plastic film that holds the layers together can have greater soundproofing properties on request with respect to traditional pvb. If the pane is stratified with two or more films soundproofing is increased further.

A rim of approx. 20 mm improves the soundproofing level.

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