• Stratification


Stratified or laminated glass is safety glass that does not break into thousands of fragments. On breakage an internal layer, usually of polyvinyl butyl (PVB), acts by holding the surrounding sheets of glass together. Consequently should the glass break it is held in place, and does not harm people or property nearby.

Usually transparent PVB is used, but on request various colours are available or with an etched or milk white finish.

To improve the soundproofing performance further, a special soundproofing interlayer can be used, normally referred to as anti-noise PVB.

Veneto Vetro uses the highest performing materials to stratify the glass in line with state-of-the-art glassmaking technology. For example, Sentryglas Plus (SGP) by DuPont is an interlayer that is also known as “anti-hurricane plastic” as it offers high post-breakage strength and reduces the risk of progressive collapse to a minimum. This special plastic has numerous uses, as it is more transparent than traditional stratified glass (for the best transparency ultra-clear glass is recommended). SGP stratified glass withstands mechanical stress twice as high as traditional stratified glass, with rigidity four times higher depending on the load and support conditions. If SGP stratified glass is subject to extensive exposure to the sun, the loss in rigidity is lower and there is less deformation and collapse in numerous applications. Furthermore Sentryglas Plus has excellent moisture resistance and edge stability.

Metal parts can be inserted during the stratifying process, and in structural glass applications this offers an alternative fixing method preventing the need for holes or studs in the glass.

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