• Padua botanical garden
    Padua botanical garden
  • 447-453 W18th NEW YORK
    447-453 W18th NEW YORK
  • 166-18th NEW YORK
    166-18th NEW YORK
  • Innsbruck, Landhaus
    Innsbruck, Landhaus
  • Sowi Innsbruck
    Sowi Innsbruck
  • Max planck - Intitut Tubingen
    Max planck - Intitut Tubingen
  • Zirkonzahn
  • Melinda headquarter
    Head Office of the Melinda Consortium
  • Zebau Bolzano
    Zebau Bolzano
  • Palazzo dell'Economia di Bolzano
    Palazzo dell'Economia di Bolzano
  • Swimming-pool Riscone Brunico
    Brunico Town Swimming Pool
  • Ca Silis Jesolo
    Centro Ca' Silis Jesolo

  • Vistapalace Jesolo
  • Hotel Cambridge Jesolo
    Hotel Cambridge Jesolo
  • Arciconfraternita della Misericordia Prato
    Arciconfraternita della Misericordia Prato

Civil and industrial building

Modern architecture is moving towards the use of glass clad surfaces, façades and windows with increasingly larger sizes and better performance. Veneto Vetro offers innovative solutions for civil and industrial building: large flat and curved glass panes, heat control glass, selective double glazing, low emission glass, HST tempered glass, coupled glass stratified with PVB or SGP (sentry glass plus), slipproof, scratchproof and antiglare glass.