Gusto Robusto

Veneto Vetro proposes a new service thanks to the partnership with Gusto Robusto. The creation of vector illustrations to be printed on large format or for the realization of a limited edition collection of forniture design.

For example "In the mood for glass" had been the chance to print the artwork "Between worlds" by Maria Grønlund in huge dimension according with the building architecture here below In the exhibition room there was also a glass wall with the black and white texture designed by Fabio Fabiolus Marangoni, "Stay humble rock hard".  Andrea Minini's "Pavone nero" had been printed on a blacklighted table created in collaboration with Flexlite

Are you an architect, a designer or a company? Would like acustomized illustration just for you? Veneto Vetro, thanks to Cromoglass technology and the partnership with Gusto Robusto, can offer you the best international illustration.