Pomperian coverings

Pomperian coverings

Glass protecting roofs

Veneto Vetro, thanks to the know-how of its technical staff, studies, designs and also installs glass protecting roofs and Pompeian coverings.

For this type of use, the glass used must necessarily be stratified. The pvb, the layer that holds the two sheets together, plays a fundamental role for the safety of the environment under the Pompeian installation: in the event of breakage, this prevents the fall of the glass and the consequent possible injury of people.

Our Company offers a wide range of glass for glass pompeian coverings, from the type of glass (clear, extra-clear, etched…) to the choice of a specific color (thanks to the use of a colored PVB or enamelling), up to the most complete customization thanks to Cromoglass®.

In recent years, the demand for glassPO is growing visibly. The reason why people increasingly choose glass as a covering element is its versatility and elegance.

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