Comfort & Safety

Comfort & Safety

Comfort & Safety glass

Thanks to the flexibility of the material and the experience of our specialized team we create glass with particular and complex workmanship and design. The production, customised to design, guarantees to our customers the highest quality standards both in terms of resistance and aesthetics. We help our partners to create an environment that satisfies their tastes and our glass meets all safety standards required for the different types of use.

Our glasses include:

  • Security glass: it resists damage or breaking attempts.
  • Safety glass: which make an environment safe even in case of breakage. Veneto Vetro has recently created a new safety glass with film.
  • Stratified safety glass: the surface is reinforced with an intermediate layer that, in case of breakage, keeps the other layers of glass together.
  • Anti-burglary glass: to protect against attempts to break in.
  • Darkening glasses: they filter light and have soundproof features, creating a protected and private environment. There are also the so-called LCD glasses, wich provide as transition from transparency to opacity and vice versa.
  • Anti-reflective glasses: they reduce the reflection of light ensuring excellent visibility. They can also be made in large dimensions and their safety is guaranteed.
  • Privacy glasses: they help to transform an environment by making it intimate in a very short time. We also manufacture spy mirrors that allow us to look without being seen.
  • Spy mirrors (one-way mirrors): from the observer’s side the brightness is controlled and this allows to observe an environment in which the ones who are looked at see only the reflection.
  • Safety glass with film: the application of a film guarantees maximum transparency of the sheets and meets the desired safety requirements.
  • Glasses for swimming pools: they guarantee a visual impact of elegance and design from an architectural position and are stratified to ensure protection.
  • Glass with rigid interlayer: the interlayer is inserted between sheets and protects the pane even in case of breakage.
  • PVB glass with SG (SentryGlas): mechanical strength is enhanced and the glass is protected from natural disasters.
  • PVB glasses with SGP (Sentryglas Plus anti-storm): they guarantee resistance after breakage and reduce the risk of progressive fall to a minimum.
  • PVB glass with DG41: increased structural and resistance performances.
  • Glasses with rigid plastics: they ensure the rigidity of the sheets even after breakage.
  • Glasses with acoustic PVB: facilitated acoustic insulationafety mirrors: They combine visibility with safety.

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