Anti-reflective glass

Anti reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glazing

Ideal for commercial windows, anti-reflective glass also applies to other sectors, such as boating, architecture and interior design. The distinctiveness of anti-reflective glass, is the maximum transparency, which guarantees a complete view and makes the surface almost imperceptible. Our anti-reflective glass is tested to ensure high quality performance and resistance according to the specific requests of our customers. The sheets are subjected to specific treatments that guarantee optimal vision. Our production capacity and the machinery we have available allow us to also process large surfaces and to diversify the processing according to the needs of our partners.

The anti-reflective glass is ideal for many applications, for example a terrace restaurant that wants to offer its guests the opportunity to enjoy lunch or dinner surrounded by a spectacular view; in the commercial sector, especially for shop and showroom windows; museums where the surface allows you to admire the works of art at a short distance whilst maintaining  complete safety and preventing accidents or damage.

Resistance is one of the primary characteristics of anti-reflective glass that is specially treated to obtain a more solid result. The strength also reduces the risk of breakage or damage, thus reducing the need to carry out maintenance work or, to replace the glass entirely. The type of treatment they are subject to makes them safe and at the same time protective.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we are able to increase different types of performance of the sheets. The processing of anti-reflective glass is performed in such a way as to reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays while maintaining  bright and clear vision. Thanks to the treatment to which the glass is subject, the colour rendering remains perfect and reflections are eliminated. Moreover, the presence of the surface is imperceptible from any angle thanks to the impermeable characteristics of the material that, even over time, maintains its transparency without fading. Anti-reflective glass can also be applied in outdoor environments such as, for instance, high-altitude terraces. Its coating keeps it intact and allows you to clean it without worrying about damage.

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