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Veneto Vetro is also involved in the supply of spy mirrors, i.e. those glasses that on the one hand reflect the light while on the other allow it to pass without reflection.

Normally, customers take advantage of this type of glass because of its ability to make it possible to observe, without being seen, people who are on the other side of the glass, while the same people see a simple mirror in front of them.

It is important and useful to remember that, in order for the “spy” effect to be guaranteed, certain conditions must apply:

• First of all, the environment to be monitored must be clearly illuminated to allow sufficient passage of light through the other side.

• On the observation side, on the contrary, the light must be reduced to a minimum, so as to prevent the observer from seeing his or her own reflection.

In addition to the characteristics of the glass,  the lighting conditions are also fundamental in order to produce the two effects for which this mirror is called “spy mirror”. This type of product can be useful for recognition rooms, offices, entrance walls, laboratories, psychology studies.

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