Security glass

Security glass

Security glass

Security glass is ideal for those who want to create a secure environment. They are stratified surfaces that can have a commercial and private use. They are subject to treatments and processes that make them able to protect work environments, laboratories or homes from break-ins or accidental damage. Security is guaranteed by the use of stratified crystals that make the surface resistant and ensure a lasting effect without the need for maintenance or replacement. There are different types of security glass providing various levels of performance.

The number of glass sheets used, their thickness and that of the interposed films, determine the level of security and protection of the surfaces. During the development of the products, our experts interface with our customers to understand the requirements that glass must meet and, above all, the operational needs. The resistance of the surface can vary and our consultancy and assistance service allows customers to choose between different types of security glass according to their specific needs.

For the creation of security glass, which are subject to a stratification process that makes them more resistant, we use PVBs. The panels are composed of two or more sheets of glass that are joined with one or more polyvinylbutyral interlayers through a process that takes place under hot conditions and under pressure. This particular material has the characteristic of acting as a glue between the glass sheets and, consequently, of changing its mechanical, thermal and acoustic performances.

Moreover, in case of breakage, security glass guarantees protection.. The PVB if damaged, holds the fragments for some time making the stratified glass safe and prevents it from falling. The sheet remains adherent to the interlayer and this minimizes the risk of injury due to fragments or, in extreme cases, the fall of entire surfaces. The particular resistance of security glass ensures protection from any attempted break-in or intrusion.

We also have the latest generation PVBs, for example hurricane-proof applicable to surfaces exposed to wind. The particular processing to which the glass is subjected guarantees a greater resistance of the surface from  mechanical aspects even in the case of serious natural disasters. As for other security glasses, in the event of breakage the shape remains intact.

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