Public & private transport

Public & private transport

Public & private transport: glazing solutions

Glass is one of the most used materials in transport because it provides a panoramic effect while protecting travelers. Its resistance makes it the ideal material to adopt because its different treatments provide a safety effect of primary importance. Depending on the processing and the result to be obtained, the sheet can guarantee protection even in case of damage or breakage. Veneto Vetro manufactures flat and curved glass for transport vehicles on both road and rail. Cars, buses, trams and trains, including high-speed variants.

The development of safety measures on board cars, trains, trams, or buses in recent years is moving hand in hand with technological innovation. Just think about high speed that, in recent times, has imposed a stronger structural level to guarantee even more safety on board. Our attention to detail and the different processes we have available allow us to create surfaces, also curved, that adapt perfectly to their employment needs. Our Company has seen the development of the sector and has strengthened its working tools to expand its production and refine its services.

Every day, millions of travelers use public transport all over the world and our products are made to guarantee protection in trains and cars. Therefore, we apply the strong professionalism and the ability of our team to all production phases, from design to processing, ensuring an efficient result from the quality standpoint and full compliance with existing regulations. The specialization of our staff guarantees our customers in obtaining a high performance product according to their requirements.

The production capacity developed thanks to our research and technological progress, combined with the experience we have gained over the years, allows us to process large orders as well. We can offer bulk supplies for means of transport both regarding construction and maintenance, respecting pre-established timescales and delivering a finished product ready for use.

At the request of our customers, our services can include installation, which is carried out by dedicated personnel.

Glass we produce for the public and private transport sector include:

  • Windows
  • Glass panes
  • Rear windows
  • Partition panes
  • Sliding doors
  • Glass for vintage cars

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