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Tempered glass for Vintage cars

Veneto Vetro manufactures tempered glass for vintage cars. The production process is performed as in the years before 1964, when glass could only be hardened and guarantees a reliable and quality result. Our flexibility and the skills we have acquired with many years of experience allow us to meet the requests of customers who are looking for spare parts that are difficult to find.

In fact, those who own a vintage car often need rare glass to improve the performance of their vehicles, in terms of both safety and functionality and from an aestheticperspective . Many vintage car owners have relied on our company, being able to count on a customised glass production. Our solutions are made to measure thanks to the latest generation of machines we are equipped with, which allows us to diversify production processes and meet all safety requirements.

The new regulations have imposed, due to safety reasons,  different processing requiringthe glass for vintage cars to be stratified. The procedure consists of assembling several sheets to facilitate the overall hardening of the glass. After this process, the surfaces are subject to a bending and vertical tempering process. This is a procedure that guarantees a superior optical quality. and transparency. The effect is made possible thanks to the cutting-edge tools we use, which allow us to avoid sliding the glass on rollers during the softening phase that precedes the curvature. This minimizes the risk of imperfections and the glass comes out clean and fully performing.

The cylindrical curvature process we use for the creation of windows and windshield for vintage cars has several phases. First, the glass is subject to a quick heating in order to soften it. Once it is mouldable, it is pressed just as quickly between a curvature mold that is composed of a concave and a convex part. In this way, we manage to guarantee the desired degree of curvature. Finally, the glass is cooledrapidly . This last phase is necessary to make it more resistant. Safety in a vintage car, as with all other means of transport, is a fundamental requirement. The vertical bending and tempering procedure also provides protection in the event of breakage of the glass that, if damaged, will break into very small fragments.

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