Balustrades, parapects and stairs

Balustrades, parapects and stairs

Glass balustrades, parapets and stairs

Veneto Vetro plans, designs and creates custom-made balustrades, parapets and stairs. Our technical department, in collaboration with sales, is able to analyze and meet the most specific tastes and requests.

Moreover, these products are not used exclusively in civil architecture, but also in the naval sector. Compared to the use of other materials such as masonry or wood, glass has considerable advantages:

  • A stair, a parapet or a glass balustrade are elegant, minimal and suitable for multiple interior design styles.
  • Glass is easy to install and to clean.
  • The quality/price ratio is highly competitive compared to other materials.
  • It is an excellent solution for both old and modern buildings.
  • It has endless possibilities for customisation.

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