Anti-slippery glazing

Anti-slippery glazing

Anti-slippery glazing

Anti-slippery glass perfectly combines functional and aesthetic needs. The surfaces are subjected to specific treatments that provide the convenience of walking on a safe floor and, at the same time, an extraordinary visual impact guaranteed by transparency. Our anti-slip glass is also produced through the application of a new ceramic paint. This procedure allows our customers to obtain  safe and secure glass resistant to phenomena such as abrasion.

The surface can also be customized with a decoration based on the requests and taste of our customers who, in addition to a resistant glass, want to create a pleasant and harmonious environment from an aestheticperspective. The non-slip ceramic paint is applied in digital printing and has the great advantage of making its surface homogeneous and free of imperfections. The procedure is carried out in such a way as to minimize the risk of glass abrasion. The initial result, moreover, is maintained over time and avoids our customers the worry of having to subject the surfaces to maintenance or, in more serious cases, to replace them.

The uniformity that is obtained with the application of the ceramic paint makes glass floorings also usable to those who love to walk barefoot on a boat in total comfort and safety. One of the greatest advantages of non-slip glass is the possibility of using it without having to worry about the risk of unpleasant accidents. The special paint, in fact, makes sure that the surface can be walked on without any difficulty, regardless of whether the glass is dry or wet.

Thanks to the application of ceramic paint with digital printing we have expanded our production capacity and we are able to respond to the requests of our customers who own both small and large boats and wish to create a comfortable, safe and visually impactful environment. The glass is processed based on the design provided by our partners, who can count on a consultancy and assistance service provided by our experts to make any improvements to the projects. The production phase is carried out in compliance with what has been agreed with our customers and pre-established delivery times. Making available our skills to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of our partners allows us to deliver a custom built product, depending on the environment they wish to create on their boat.

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