Glasses for boats

Glasses for boats

Boats Glazing supply

Using glass on small boats or yachts produces a visual impact both outside and inside. One of the main characteristics of glass, its resistance, makes it safe and reduces the risk of effects such as damage, fogging or corrosion due to thermal differences or water and wind pressure. The use of this material, precisely because it combines the needs of safety and comfort with aesthetic pleasure, is becoming increasingly popular among the nautical professionals and owners of private boats.

The use of glass that, due to its enhanced functionality in recent years has replaced plexiglass, allows us to meet the market demands that increasingly go towards creating bright environments that bring harmony from the visual perspective between the inside and the outside. Both smaller boats and yachts are turning into real design models and this is made possible thanks to the use of glass, a versatile and mouldable material.

All flat and curved glasses that we supply to our customers, up to 25 mm thick, are submitted to treatments in compliance with European regulations. We guarantee the safety of our products that, upon request, can also be installed by our in-house installation service. We have a dedicated team that carries out two inspections (one in the design phase and one at the end of the production, before delivery) and the assembly of the products that, on request, can also be tested on site.

Collaborating with many professionals in the field has allowed us to increase our skills and to provide our customers with an additional testing service. The tests are agreed with our partners and are performed in the presence of Naval Registers inspectors.

The boat glass we manufacture and supply includes:

  • Portholes: Their shape and the treatment they undergo increases resistance and reduces the risk of damage or breakage.
  • Windscreens: We also produce large sheets and we work with diversified procedures that increase their performance, controlling sunlight, reducing the risk of fogging and ensuring maximum transparency for a complete view.
  • Glass walls: Ideal for bringing natural light onto the boat.

The processes to which glass is subject during the production phase guarantees maximum efficiency from the standpoint of glass resistance. Our company also provides a replacement service for damaged glass.

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