Curved glazing

Curved glazing

Curved glazing for boats & marine

Ideal both for covering interior and exterior spaces, curved glass adapts to any need, both from a structural and an aesthetic standpoint. They are mainly used in environments that require the use of a versatile material, with a high visual impact and totally safe. Curved glass is subject to a gradual heating process which makes it mouldable and, once the desired shape is obtained, it is cooled down. Their range of application includes the architectural, industrial and naval sectors. In the latter it is one of the products most requested by shipowners.

From the windows of common areas such as bars and restaurants with panoramic views to the parapets of ships, to the coverings of smaller boats, including interior decoration and accessories such as tables or mirrors that make the environment elegant and luxurious. The ability to mould makes this glass a decorative material and the possibility of layering it ensures its safetyAmong the processes we have available to model glass during processing, there is the vertical curvature and tempering, which is used primarily in the naval and architectural sectors. This particular procedure allows us to achieve a product without imperfections and therefore of superior quality. The glass, after being subjected to a rapid heating process, rather than sliding on rollers is quickly pressed between a curvature mold consisting of a concave and a convex part, which allows achieving the desired curvature. What guarantees greater resistance to the glass is the subsequent cooling procedure that occurs very rapidly. In case of breakage, the curved glass subject to this type of treatment breaks into small fragments.

In the furniture sector, annealed glass is among the most effective and popular solutions. The sheets are subjected to gradual heating at a temperature that varies between 500 and 600 degrees. In this way, they soften and are made mouldable, with the possibility of adhering to a concave or convex curved mould in order to obtain the desired shape. Among the main effects of curved glass, in addition to their visual impact and performance, there is protection. During the production phase, the sheets are stratified so as to guarantee safety even if they get damaged. Precisely because of this and because of the possibility of processing it in large dimensions, annealed curved glass is also used in construction.

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