Double bending glazing

Double bending glazing

Double bending glazing

Double bending glass is one of the most difficult procedures to achieve but it has a unique effect on the eye. In recent years, this type of glass processing has developed in different sectors, starting from the architectural one, passing to the construction and then the nautical sectors. Combining the effect of processing with a major visual impact, double curvature has become one of the innovations that have revolutionized the nautical and architectural market of the last decades. Veneto Vetro, always looking for excellence, has seized this opportunity by investing both in the specialization of personnel and the technological advancement.

Our bending oven allows us to diversify the processing procedures of glass, allowing us to respond to the requests of architects and ship owners who want the supply of double-curved glass both small and large. The increase in the use of double bending glass has developed thanks to some of the main characteristics of glass that make it a unique material. Its flexibility, the possibility of being modelled through specific treatments and being subjected to decorative processes that are performed through digital printing make it the ideal material to meet both the aesthetic and safety requirements for the different types of use. Precisely the curvatures, although complex to achieve, make it a material suitable for all environments.

For the double curvature we use a procedure of modelling and vertical tempering, which is also used to create single curves. Glass is pressed between concave and convex bending molds and then subjected to an abrupt cooling process. This type of process guarantees high performance from the  resistance of the sheet. The same procedure is also used to create a discontinuous bend, for instance the double bending and the curvature in tension. In this case too, the glass is modelled according to the specific needs and requests of the customer, agreed upon during the design phase.

Double bent glass is also safety glass. The treatment to which they are submitted makes sure that, in case of breakage, they guarantee protection to the environment. If damaged, the glass will break into small fragments. This type of sheet is designed to have a durable effect over time. The resistance is a strong point, because it reduces the need for maintenance or, in more serious cases, for replacement.

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