Glass balustrades

Taking the necessary measures to ensure passenger safety is not only a legal obligation but can also become a way to combine protection with aesthetic pleasure. It is also for this reason that in recent years in the naval sector, ship owners have chosen glass for the construction of parapets offering their guests a tasteful, elegant and safe decor. The main characteristics of glass, starting from its flexibility and its resistance, make it the ideal material for protection structures. If combined with a correct treatment process, they guarantee an effective and high-quality result.

Our many years of experience in glass processing and our constant desire to renew and invest have led us to equip ourselves with a cutting-edge machine pool that can meet the highest technological standards and allows us to subject the glass to different processes that guarantee its performance and aesthetic value. Our glasses are suitable for parapets and comply with all regulations. Parapets are not only a fundamental requirement for stairs and steps inside the ships, but can also be a decorative element.

Parapets must be installed on all accessible decks with a minimum height of one meter. They must not have a distance between them that exceeds 380 mm and above all must have a uniform appearance. The technical requirements that must be met guarantee safety both to passengers and the crew, who when working need to find a stable support. In some cases, parapets occupy more space than normally used and, for this reason, the space reserved for passage is reduced. Therefore, to comply with the law, it is necessary to adopt alternative measures for the safety of passengers and staff.

Our parapets are made using safety glass. They are stratified and tempered to be more stable and resistant. The diversification of glass treatment processes allows us to create parapets of various types:

  • Continuous glass: they are resistant and guarantee solidity. The use of continuous glass allows us to create a uniform effect.
  • With curved glass: the possibility of modeling glass makes them applicable to any type of environment and guarantees a significant visual impact from an aestheticperspective .
  • Framed: their coating increases performance and strength.

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