Glazing for ships

Glazing for ships

Glazing solutions for cruise ship, boats and yachts

Flexibility, stability, strength and aesthetics. These are the characteristics most sought after in the naval sector and that glass is able to guarantee  long-lasting functionality. Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the naval market and the development of specific processing techniques, Veneto Vetro collaborates with the most important shipyards on a global level for the creation of glass that can be adapted to different uses. In fact, our solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers, who want to combine the desire to create a functional environment with the importance of visual impact.

Our internal production uses latest generation technologies that are able to make every surface unique and based on the specific requests of our partners. Our attention to detail during processing allows us to achieve resistant and high-quality products, also from an aestheticperspective . The production phase is carried out in such a way as to ensure resistance to breakages and cracks and to prevent fogging due to water and wind pressure or substantial temperature changes.

Our products include:

  • Portholes: They are processed in such a way as to guarantee resistance to wave pressure.
  • Continuous glass windows: They combine the practical aspect with visual pleasure and are ideal for dining rooms, bars, common areas and panoramic points.
  • External balustrades: They guarantee protection and, thanks to the use of glass, adapt to any type of environment and design.
  • Parapets: Like balustrades, they combine aesthetic quality with safety.
  • Skylights: They facilitate thermal insulation and control the impact of the sun’s rays.
  • Special windows: Can be subjected to bending processes.
  • Skywalks: Also used for tunnels; the glass is subjected to anti-slip treatments to combine comfort and safety while eliminating any risk.

Our production capacity allows us to also process big orders from customers who require large surfaces. Thanks to the specialization of our personnel and the specific processing procedures to which the glass is subject, our products guarantee the highest safety and quality standards. Our technical and commercial departments are available to our partners for consultancy and assistance during the design or processing phase and provide useful advice to make any improvements to the projects. This service makes Veneto Vetro a versatile company that is able to offer its customers customized solutions based on their needs.

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