Naval furniture

Naval furniture

Glass for Marine & Yachts furniture

Creating a pleasant environment for guests on board or adopting design solutions are among the main requests in the naval furniture market. A sector in continuous evolution that in recent years has undergone a development both from a structural and a technological standpoint. The great leadersof this market have strengthened their ships and the technology on board, without neglecting the design aspect that has evolved as well. The environments combine comfort with elegance and luxury and among the materials most chosen by ship owners is glass, for its versatility and because it combines safety with aesthetic qualities.

For  external elements , including the windows,  and the interior, glass is the ideal material to create a refined but at the same time functional environment. Veneto Vetro, sensing the potential of this market, has closely followed the development of design in the field of interior furnishings in the naval sector. Our investments have led us to equip ourselves with cutting-edge tools that can implement solutions both small and large, depending on the different types of application. The latest generation machinery we have available allows us to diversify the manufacturing processes and to subject the glass to specific treatments, guaranteeing a product of the highest quality and above all safe.

We combine our expertise with the taste of our customers who wish to create a comfortable and luxurious environment on board. Our staff is highly specialized and able to provide useful advice to make improvements to projects.

The furnishing accessories we produce include:

  • Headboards: Customizable through a digital printing procedure.
  • Backlit walls: Produced through a digital printing procedure that makes them customisable, they guarantee a strong visual impact thanks to the light from behind.
  • Glass for showers: Safe and treated in such a way as to guarantee an effect of maximum transparency.
  • Glass for swimming pools: Subject to specific procedures that guarantee their resistance.
  • Interior partition glass: They meet the needs of renovation and decoration.
  • Floors: Treated to be safe to walk on, when both dry and wet.
  • Stairs: Composed of anti-slip glass, make the environment elegant and luxurious.
  • Balustrades: Our processing procedures guarantee safety and protection.
  • Safety mirrors: Subject to specific coating and layering treatments.
  • Decorated doors: Customisable according to your aesthetic taste.
  • Elevators: Give a panoramic effect.Curved security parapets: They are stratified and fixed to guarantee maximum protection.

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