Veneto Vetro offers itself as partner for architects and designers to develop projects that feature glass. It has been taking the industrial glass process to the highest levels in every sector for 50 years: architecture, interior design, furniture, boating, shipbuilding, religious and memorial buildings and transport.

Long term experience gained along the whole glass processing chain, together with ongoing product and process research, have made Veneto Vetro today an Italian and international reference point for end clients and contractors.

Building firms, ship and boat building yards, interior and exterior design studios and companies working in the private and public transport sectors have all entrusted their most challenging projects to Veneto Vetro in terms of size, curvature, contouring, serigraphy and printing on glass, relying on  our competence, professionalism and versatility.

Veneto Vetro offers its clients consultancy and services aimed at bringing together strength and professional ability for consistently optimal results. The outcome is always an exceptional product whose quality, refinement and customisation  is outstanding.

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