Glass, a very ancient material that has been part of our lives for over 5,000 years, is totally natural, non-polluting and virtually recyclable forever: thanks to these characteristics, it is considered having a high environmental compatibility.

The goals of energy saving and respect for the environment that Italy committed itself to by signing the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 have given  further impetus to the use of glass in many areas.

Thus, Veneto Vetro embraced environmental sustainability its own key value.

The Company headquarters showcase  and testify to this value: thanks to the insulation of the structures both inside and outside, to low-emission windows, to shielding systems designed to limit summer solar radiation without limiting solar contributions in winter, are an exemplary  of eco-compatible building.

In 2013, Veneto Vetro testified its own interest in sustainability issues by participating in the “Future Steps” event (XIII Venice Architecture Biennale) with the project “Networking Nature” conceived by Studiomobile. 

Also for Studio Mobile, in 2015, the Company participated in the creation of the Jellyfish Barge platform, for urban cultivation inside floating greenhouses, an instrument for coping with climate change in the future.

Veneto Vetro has always been involved in collaborations with architects and universities in order to develop eco-sustainable projects. In 2018, during the Salone del Mobile, the Company will be proud to present to the public an innovative project in which it participated.

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