Glass ceramic paints

Glass ceramic paints

Ceramic paints for glass

Cromoglass® technology exploits the ceramic glass paints developed by Ferro.The individuality of this type of paint is the composition: after making a print with these inks, glass is subject to the tempering process, during which colours are completely absorbed by the glass itself, creating vivid and realistic designs. 

This formula is also suitable for curved, laminated and stratified glass. The paints used by Cromoglass® also provide glass with features such as thermal and solar control.

Other strengths of these glass ceramic paints are:

  • High resistance to scratches, acids, UV rays and water;
  • Its own composition, based on water and the absence of substances such as heavy metals;
  • An exachrome process that makes it possible to obtaining a wide range of specific colors;
  • Compliance with quality standards and durability;
  • They are recyclable and environmentally friendly;
  • Quality guaranteed over time.

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