Printed glazing strengths

Resistance. Thanks to the use of special ceramic glass paints, Cromoglass® guarantees a long life of its products as well as a high aesthetic quality of printing. Even if exposed to UV rays and in the presence of adverse environmental conditions, such as exposure to bad weather or temperature variations, Cromoglass® printed glass maintains the characteristics of the glass and retains the colours.

The glass achieved with our digital printing technology, following the application of ceramic paints, which are already very resistant, are then subject to the tempering process, thus becoming genuine safety glass as per UNI EN 12150. Veneto Vetro holds all the certification to endorse that Cromoglass® printed glasses are in line with European safety and resistance parameters.

CustomisationCromoglass® provides maximum customisation of any glass surface starting from individual graphic projects proposed by the customer: graphics, vector illustrations, images such as photographs or high resolution scans. In the event that the customer does not have a precise idea of ​​the design he or she intends to create, Veneto Vetro offers an extensive catalogue of customisable design patterns. The six-color ceramic ink jet ensures excellent image resolution on the glass surface and maximum durability over time, recreating infinite hues. 

Aesthetic Quality. The glass with Cromoglass® printing, besides having great visual impact true design elements, stand apart for the high resolution of their images and the quality of the ceramic paints used. Thanks to the use of certain patterns, the glass can also contribute to maintaining privacy in certain environments. Finally, Cromoglass® allows us to meet not only aesthetic, but also functional needs: printing on selective high-performance glass can improve thermal insulation and comfort by controlling the solar factor. By choosing Veneto Vetro and its digital glass printing technology, high quality, safety and aesthetic standards will be guaranteed for any project.

Experience. Veneto Vetro is the first company in Italy to acquire digital glass printing technology using ceramic paints. The experience of our company, a pioneer in this field, is considered by its customers as a guarantee of quality andreliability .

Flexibility. The Cromoglass® digital printing process, thanks to the elimination of frames, films and other tools related to traditional screen-printing, drastically reduces fixed costs, allowing us to manufacture single, unique pieces or small-scale productions. It is therefore a versatile product that can be offered to both private and contract customers. Furthermore, Cromoglass can be applied to any flat or curved glass surface destined to be tempered, for interiors or exteriors. All standard glass processes (cutting, grinding, drilling, bending, layering) are carried out before the printing process and do not obstruct the image..

All printed glass is subsequently tempered and, on request, they can be submitted to the HST. The maximum size that can be printed with ceramic paint is 2600 x 5700 mm. Thanks to its flexibility in terms of quantity and dimensions, Cromoglass® is therefore suitable for customizing large continuous walls, typical of contemporary construction. There is also the possibility of subdividing an image into parts to be applied to different portions of glass, to be recomposed later according to the desired dimensions to recreate mosaics and compositions.

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