Glass cutting

The maximum size that our Vento Vetro’s cutting bench can process is 3210 x 6000 mm for thicknesses between 04 and 25 mm.
The straight or shaped glass cutting is made with numeric control automatic cutting benches, with an air cushion to transport the glass sheets.

Cutting is extremely precise, using a glasscutter with a tungsten carbide, widia or synthetic diamond wheel, aided by specialist  oil to make the cutting smoother.

An optimiser software guides the cutting, managing the warehouse stocks and reducing waste to a minimum. Thus optimising excellent raw materials management and strict cost control.

The cut sheets are then cut-off by the operator on the cutting bench.

For stratified laminated glass, the cut is made both on the top and bottom sides, and the polymer film that couples the two sheets (in PVB or polyvinyl butyl) is usually cut by a cutter, aided by a concealed heating element that dissolves the PVB and enables opening the cut.

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