Glass enamelling process

Enameling is a very common process. In particular, in the fields of interior design and spandrel glazing, enameling offers interesting aesthetic results both in modern and classic environments. The ceramic glazes that are used are lead-free, to guarantee the health and safety of every environment.

Veneto Vetro performs this process by means of a two-roller coating machine that can apply controlled quantities of paint on the surface.The Company offers two different types of enameling: hot and cold.

In the first case, the ceramic colour is applied on the glass surface and subsequently dried.  Afterwards, it will be subjected to the tempering process, in which the color will be definitively incorporated into the glass.

This solution is certainly the more durable of the two, as the coloring is guaranteed for life.

In the case of cold enameling, the process involves the initial tempering of the glass and the subsequent coloring through the two rollers of the enameling machine. In this process,  the colour is dried slowly and is not subject to tempering together with the glass.

The result will be a much brighter color than hot enameling.

The available supporting glass can be clear, extra-clear, coloured, reflective or printed.

The maximum size that can be processed is 1900 x 5700 mm.

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