Screen printing

Screen printing

Screen printing flat glass

Screen-printing is a “traditional” method that Veneto Vetro uses to spread enamel on a precise part of the surface, which offers extensive opportunities for customisation.

Veneto Vetro screen-prints flat glass using special machines and a screen-printing frame. The glass is then tempered or curved and then tempered. The screen-printing frame is made using a very fine nylon or polyester screen that is stretched over an aluminium or iron frame.

The fabric then has a negative (film) imprinted onto it and the micro pores in the fabric are closed with special substances (photosensitive gelatine) to create the image. In the free parts, the printing colour passes through the miniscule holes in the spaces left by the threads in the weave, and deposits on the surface being printed. Only one colour can be deposited at a time with this method.

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