Comfort & Safety

Comfort & Safety

Comfort & Safety glass

Glass is the ideal material to combine comfort and safety, because it its aesthetic qualities are supplemented by one of its main characteristics: resistance.

Thanks to the diversified processing we have available and the specialisation of our staff, we also provide large size glass with complex treatments and design.

Our customers can count on a tailor-made solution that is reached by agreeing on every aspect in the planning phase. From the technical requirements to the performance that our partners want to achieve, including the aesthetic aspects that contribute to creating a visually pleasant environment. The glass can be worked with digital printing thanks to the new Cromoglass® technology that allows us to create drawings and graphics.

Our glasses meet all safety standards required by the regulations. In order to make sure that our customers get the desired result we also offer an installation service that is performed by a dedicated team. This service involves an agreed inspection. Our glass installation team is highly specialised and ensures a correct setup of the products which without, would reduce their performance.

The glass we supply and that combine comfort and safety are ideal both for interior design in private homes and for  workplaces. These include shatterproof glass that is processed in such a way as to resist attempts of breakage or break-in; safety glass that even in case of breakage protect the surrounding environment (we have recently created a brand new safety glass with a film: its name is VV Longlife Mirror); stratified safety glass that is reinforced with an intermediate layer, anti-burglary glass; blackout windows that control sun rays and lower the acoustic impact; anti-reflection glass that reduces the reflection of light while maintaining a bright environment; privacy glass that create an intimate environment; spy mirrors that allow you to see without being seen; LCD glass that allow the fast transition from transparency to opacity; safety glass with film; glass for swimming pools that create a design environment and guarantee safety; glass with a rigid interlayer that protect even in case of breakage; pbv glass with SG and SGP that resist natural disasters; glass with acoustic pvb for sound insulation and safety mirrors.

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