Glass panes for road & rail transport

Ensuring safety on board and creating a panoramic effect are the main features that make glass the ideal material to be used in means of transport.

We have different types of processes that allow us to make glass panes both for road and rail transport. The sheets can be flat or curved depending on the needs of our customers.

The transport sector in recent years is changing from a structural position and due to technological innovation. Transport companies invest every day to ensure maximum safety on board of cars, trains, trams and buses and to make the journey comfortable. High speed, in particular, is constantly evolving and requires products that make the thousands of travelers who every day use its service feel safe and protected. Our many years of experience and the desire for innovation that has always accompanied us have led us, in recent years, to make a series of investments both in staff training and in technology. We have purchased cutting-edge machinery that allows us to diversify glass processing. This has allowed us to become preferred supplier for many companies in the sector.

Thanks to the acquisition of new tools and the improvement of the skills of our staff, we have been able to broaden our knowledge and increase production capacity. This allows us to collaborate every day with professionals who also require large orders. We have carried out numerous projects in the field of public and private transport, also  recurrently relating to the construction and maintenance of vehicles.

The main glass we produce for transport vehicles include windows, larger panes, rear windows, partitions, sliding doors and windows for vintage cars. Our customers rely on us because we have the opportunity to provide personalized solutions using different glass processing and treatments to meet the requirements. These include the need for safety, the need to create resistant glass and, in particular, protective even in case of breakage. We can also increase other glass performances through specific procedures. Among the most requested is the control of sunlight that helps create a comfortable environment for the millions of people who travel every day.

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