Marine glazing solutions

The flat and curved glass we make and process with different treatments can be adapted to any type of leisure or large boat.

The experience we have acquired with many years of work has allowed us to become a point of reference in the supply of glass for companies and professionals in the boating sector, which in recent years has modified its needs and requests. From the need to create a brighter environment on board to the desire to combine the strength and safety of glass with design.

Among the important projects we have implemented in this sector is the construction of a walled glass for the boat C48 designed by Sessa Marine. This is the first yacht on the market since 2007 with the IPS propulsion system. Already awarded as “Boat of the Year” at the London trade fair in 2008, this model combines comfort with safety and design. Our customer has asked us to create an elegant and bright environment on board, which we have achieved with the processing of walled glass. This is a particular surface that, in addition to bringing light on board blending the outside and the inside in perfect harmony, controls sun radiation and gives uniformity and elegance to the yacht. Using this type of glass has allowed us to meet the safety requirements of the glass portholes that separate the interior of the boat from the external environment. It also guarantees resistance to thermal changes and corrosion.

Our machine-pool includes the latest generation tools which allow us, by subjecting glass to specific processes and treatments, to guarantee our customers the desired effects from both an aesthetic and resistancestance . The products we have available include windshields (which are treated in such a way as to guarantee maximum visibility), screen-printed side panels both flat and curved, tempered glasses and laminated with pvb or sgp whose main characteristic is resistance and non-slip walk-on glasses that, in addition to being visually pleasant, are treated in such a way as to combine comfort and safety for walking whether dry or wet. For the C48 Sessa Marine yacht we have also manufactured other glass components that have made it an elegant, refined and, at the same time, comfortable boat.

At the request of our customers, we also perform checks at our factory to test the mechanical strength of glass. These operations are carried out in the presence of the naval registers supervisors.

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