One of the characteristics that distinguishes glass from other materials is its versatility. The possibility of modelling it makes it applicable in all sectors: from industry to architecture, to the environments of our daily life.

Some of its qualities, including strength and flexibility, make it the perfect material to combine safety requirements with aesthetic pleasure.  The many years of experience and specialization of our staff allow us to make available all our knowledge to our customers and meet their needs both to comply with technical requirements and to create environments with a pleasing visual impact. Our production capacity allows us to complete even large orders.  We have a state-of-the-art machinery pool, thanks to which we diversify the processes and we can develop customized solutions according to the needs of each individual partner, who can count on a timely and high-level service.

Veneto Vetro, thanks to its various processing possibilities, creates surfaces suitable for different sectors:

  • Architecture: By interfacing with our customers during the design phase, we provide a consultancy service to help them select the product that best suits their needs. We collaborate with some of the most important professionals in the sector and create solutions in series. Our glasses adapt to any type or design of architectural structure.
  • Boating: From pleasure boats to yachts, customers’ requests are increasingly moving towards glass applications to bring natural light on board or to create harmony between the external and internal environment. We produce flat and curved glasses tailored to each type of boat.
  • Naval: We subject the glass to specific treatments for resistance to sea water, pressure and thermal excursion, guaranteeing resistance and compliance with the highest safety standards.
  • Interior design and contract work: glass is the ideal material for our customers who want to create an elegant and bright environment. From floorings to supporting columns, from  staircases to windows: the surfaces fit both commercial structures and private homes.
  • Public and private transport: One of the fundamental requirements for transport is safety. We have the necessary approvals to apply glass both on road and rail transport vehicles.
  • Comfort and safety: the application of glass, for the different processes to which it can be subjected, combines design with the need to create an environment protected from break-ins or intrusion attempts.

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