Boating sector

Boating sector

Boating Sector

Production linked to the nautical sector requires know-how and specific technical skills to develop glass with exceptional performance standards to satisfy shipyard requirements for both large yachts and pleasure craft.

Sizes, thicknesses, hydrostatic strength to blows and fire are tested in the presence of the auditors of the most accredited Naval Registers, guaranteeing the maximum safety of each project.

Glass with high thermal insulation and Sun-protection, non-slip, sound-proof treatments using solar, acoustic PVB, respond to the indispensable needs of comfort, thanks to their effective lowering of sound and heat.

Exclusive, specific processes for the sector guarantee maximum customisation and production flexibility without high starting costs, an important aspect when talking about luxury yachts.

Glass processing for shipbuilding needs is possible thanks to a range of latest-generation machines, from cutting benches to CNC grinders enabling it to work special shaped glass with holes; then move on to more specific processes requiring a highly controlled process.

The sector’s most significant processes include: full-convection tempering that guarantees maximum optical quality for the glass; curved glass and double bending to guarantee maximum visibility and aesthetic result; layering with different interlayer types for high heat resistance and structural performance and aesthetic solutions that are often unique and inimitable;  double-glazing, using special glass and materials to get the best thermal insulation for the environment.

Both inside and out, a primary role is played by Cromoglass digital printing, the innovative printing patent with six-colour paints, making it possible to print images that do not change over time, even if exposed to UV rays and atmospheric agents directly.  One of the specific features of this technology is that it can be printed in Double Vision; that is an image can appear in two different colours based on the side you are looking at. This application is used especially on sun-roofs and side glass walls with double printing, white on the inside and black outside: this decoration is functional to control of sun and light density.

Whatever the project and customer, Veneto Vetro stands out for its consultancy approach, studying the best solution for needs with its customer directly. An important focus is on the sizing of glass: from buoyancy our engineers can identify the best thickness and composition for the various applications.

Veneto Vetro also offers a complete service going from the survey on board to testing, on to installation in shipyards.

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