Contract and Interiors

Contract and Interiors

Contract e Interiors

Glass is suited to all furnishing styles – classic or modern – and to all environments (residential or office).

Its versatility makes it a very customisable solution. It can separate while maintaining space symmetry and harmony.

It guarantees safety.

It responds to the strong demand for sustainability and a green lifestyle.

Veneto Vetro works with contracts to create interiors for hotels, restaurants, residences, business centres, shops, offices. It creates glass for interiors with diversified processes, based on project needs and details, satisfying customer tastes with:

  • slip-proof, anti-reflection and scratch-proof glass to be walked on for floors and wall coverings;
  • satiny, netted, screen-printed, printed glass, for parapets, stairs, dividing walls;
  • shock-proof and burglar resistant glass for windows;
  • armoured glass for doors and windows;
  • glass for tables, counters, glass furniture in homes, offices, bars, restaurants and hotels, custom-made and personalised, even in small batches;
  • LongLife Mirrors for shops made in special, shock-proof, safety mirror glass;
  • glass for lifts, mirror-processed to expand spaces and contrast claustrophobia, guaranteed in design and safety terms to comply with laws in force;
  • totems for archaeological sites, museums, art cities and cultural associations;
  • the ability to be a reference and connection point with design and architectural studios and for contract work in the building sector.


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