Naval sector

Settore Navale

Naval sector

Naval sector

Thanks to its versatility, glass has become a hinge element for the naval world. Its elegance gives environments, both inside and out, a harmonious atmosphere through spaces divided by long windows on cruise ships, in large fast ships or fast ferries.

Its extremely resilient versatility and production capacity enable the company to respond positively to requests, with equipment and professional preparation for the production of wall units, parapets, coating, mirrors, doors and tables.

Testing, conducted in the presence of supervisors registered in Naval Registers, guarantees delivery of efficient, reliable, safe products. Technical requirements, safety and design are what is wanted in glass products in the shipbuilding sector, continuously growing and evolving.

Innovation requires the progressive renewal of raw materials and processes, to achieve a significant balance in the use of resources contributing to product excellence.


Changes in the shipbuilding market

Changes in the shipbuilding market, a district reserved for large ships, move in parallel with the development of new technologies. Shipowners are building increasingly more impressive ships, with areas that have to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements. Inside and out, ships are enriched with design elements.

Portholes and windows meet these requirements through exceptional sizes and thicknesses.

In recent years, Veneto Vetro has collaborated with some of the sector’s most important professionals, taking part in the production of prestigious ships, built in Italian shipyards, that sail the seas all over the world.

Veneto Vetro products comply with the rigorous safety requirements set by an innate sense of responsibility and by legal obligations. On request, naval tests are managed pursuant to ISO 614, relieving the customer of this burden.

The test takes the service well beyond processing and delivering glass; guaranteeing a finished professional product ready to be used as it has been tested and checked.

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