Public and private transport

Glass is one of the materials used most in means of transport, donating a panoramic effect and protecting travellers. Its resistance makes it ideal. The different processes it is subjected to have a safety effect of primary importance guaranteeing protection even if the panes get damaged or break.

Veneto Vetro creates flat or curved panes for road or rail transport vehicles. From vintage cars to buses, trams on to high speed trains.

The technological innovation of glass applied to various means of transport is travelling hand in hand with development of safety measures on board trains and trams. High speed has meant strengthening means of transport structurally, to guarantee more safety on board.

Attention for details and the different processes make it possible to create curved surfaces that adapt to the different use needs. Veneto Vetro has intercepted sector growth and has strengthened its tools to broaden production and perfect the various services.

Every day millions or travellers all over the world use public transport. The most important result for Veneto Vetro is guaranteeing protection in carriages and cars. Team professionalism and skill in all production stages, from planning to processing, guarantee a significant result, both qualitatively and compliant with laws in force. Production capacity, developed through research and technological progress, combined with the experience acquired over the years, help the company deal with large orders. We produce standard supplies for transport vehicles in both the construction and maintenance stages, respecting pre-set times and delivering the ready-to-use finished product.

Our services also include installation, carried out by specific staff making sure it is correct.

Glass products produced for the public and private transport sector include:

  • Windows
  • Large windows
  • Rear windows
  • Privacy screens
  • Sliding doors
  • Windows for vintage cars
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