Our Company considers it essential to interact with our customers from the early design stages, in order to understand their requests and ensure the desired result. Combining their need with our skills means for Veneto Vetro taking a shared path.

On one hand, our customers have their needs met from a technical and aesthetic position and on the other hand, interfacing with them allows us to perfect our services. We provide the knowledge gained with our experience, offering to our partners a consultancy service that guarantees the success of the project. The versatility and skills developed by our staff over the years allow us to help our customers acquire a quality product and service, safe and compliant with their aesthetic requirements.

We help our customers both in the choice of the most suitable thickness of the glass (from 4 to 25 mm) according to its use, by providing explanations regarding the work necessary to achieve a resistant and durable effect and the regulatory requirements. Among the requests that our partners often make are thermal insulation, resistance to burglary or damage, the filtering or containment of sunlight, but also the customization of the glass from a decorativeperspective . Thanks to Cromoglass® digital printing, an innovative technique we have available, using ceramic paints we are able to transfer drawings and graphics on glass surfaces according to the taste and the requests provided by our customers. Our consulting service is fundamental in the preliminary phase to guarantee that the product will provide the desired effect from every point of view: from performance to aesthetic requirements.

The expertise of the staff of our technical and commercial departments allows us to provide our customers with advice regarding the best type of glass for the project, grinding work, accessories (such as window frames), but also regarding stylistic and architectural choices that meet the needs linked to aesthetic quality. The flexibility of our Company, our know-how and the different processing and treatments we can carry out with the latest machinery allow us to customize solutions and provide our partners with tailor-made products that adapt to their needs from a functional, safety and aestheticperspective .

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