Glass Design

We provide an integrated service that begins with design, deals with production and ends with final delivery. Our production capacity and staff specialisation allow us to design and manufacture curved and flat glass, also in very large dimensions and insuccession . The experts of our technical and commercial departments interface with our customers by providing useful information and evaluating together with them the best solution to meet the qualitative, safety and aesthetic requirements of the product.

The design service is guaranteed in all sectors: from nautical to naval, from commercial to industrial, from public transport to private construction. For Veneto Vetro, designing a solution for our customers does not just mean processing the product according to the technical characteristics it must meet. We provide an overall consulting and assistance service during all phases of the production cycle, to provide our partners with a constant update on the progress of the works. We combine the skills of our team with the needs of our customers and evaluate with them the solution that meets their needs.

Glass solutions are designed, in addition to interventions for damaged glass that need replacing, also for new surfaces. Our customers have the opportunity to interact with a team of experts who provide them with advice regarding both the technical standards and the aesthetic quality. We have several procedures that allow us to process the glass in such a way as to reduce the risk of breakage or damage, thus avoiding the need for maintenance or replacement.

Thanks to the expertise of our technical and commercial staff and the knowledge gained over the years, we offer our customers valuable suggestions to make any improvements to the projects both in terms of quality and aesthetics. During the design phase we examine, together with our experts, all technical qualities necessary to achieve the desired result. The planning activity, which is carried out through calculations, drawings and other specifications, also includes the work planning both in terms of methods and delivery times. Our customers can count on the delivery of a product in the manner and in the times required in the design phase.

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