Turnkey Service in glass supplying

Receiving a finished product without having to worry about managing some of the phases of the production cycle is one of the requests that our customers are increasingly making. The supply of turnkey services is agreed with our partners, who can count on the internal management of the entire production phase. From a simple idea or starting with a project, we evaluate among the glass processing methods we have available the most suitable to meet the operating needs, the aesthetic requirements and the safety aspects expressed by our customers.

The turnkey service represents a benefit for our partners who can count on the reliability of our Company, which guarantees compliance with pre-established delivery times, estimated prices and an efficient result.

During the design phase, our experts provide an advisory service to our partners regarding any improvements to the projects. The production processes are managed internally based on what has been agreed with our customers, who can count on a skillful team they can consult at any time. The professionalism of our staff, which also provides a support service, allows us to manage the entire production cycle, keeping in close contact with our customers who wish to receive updates on the progress of the work.

The turnkey service includes:

  • Design: The requested product is processed based on customer specifications, from both a technical and aestheticperspective , depending on the market sector.
  • Advice and assistance: We have a team of experts at our disposal that interfaces with our customers and provides them with useful indications and advice regarding the type of glass, its thickness and its decoration. This type of service allows us to satisfy their needs from a technical, safety and aestheticstance .
  • Production: The processing steps and the specific treatments to which the glass is subjected are performed internally thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to diversify the processes and increase the performance of the surfaces.
  • Delivery: We agree with our customers times and methods of delivery and the material is identified with a label in order to be traceable.

Installation: A team of experts performs an inspection during processing and at the end of production and personally takes care of the installation of the product meeting the safety requirements and the pre-established times.

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