Glass installation service

The installation service, as well as the processing and specific treatments, affects the performance of the glass. A correctly mounted surface guarantees for our customers an effective product from the safety standpoint and a lasting result but, above all, minimizes the risk of damage. A correct installation goes hand in hand with the effectiveness of treatments and processing methods and this reduces the risk of having to intervene with maintenance or the replacement of the glass.

We have available a team of experts dedicated to the installation service. Their specialisation allows us to provide our customers with a complete service that starts, upon request, from the design activity and, once the production phase is completed, ends with the delivery of a product ready to be used. Our customers, agreeing with us on the installation service, will not have to worry about the installation phase that will be managed internally.
The installation staff personally take care of every procedure required for the completion of the service. Our technicians perform an inspection both during the processing phase and at the end of the production cycle. This allows us to carefully evaluate, before the installation, all technical and safety aspects for an effective assembly. During the preliminary phase, our team plans the work together with our partner, taking into account their timing needs. Once the product is ready, the same team takes care of the assembly and installation activities.
The installation procedure requires a high level of knowledge of the material and the environments in which it is installed. Precisely for this reason, our personnel undergo constant training. Moreover, the tools we are equipped with (e.g. suction cups) allow us to ensure the correct handling of the glass, which is installed in compliance with safety requirements.
The increase in production capacity and the experience of our staff have led us, in recent years, to improve the installation service and to perfect all related phases. To provide our partners with a precise and timely service, we follow a schedule. This allows us to complete the work according to the times requested by our customers, which are agreed upon during processing.

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