Project analysis

Project analysis

Project analysis

On request, we perform a project analysis to evaluate the requirements of a product and help our customers choose the solution that best suits them. Our experience in glass processing and the skills acquired over the years allow us to carefully evaluate existing projects that need improvements.

This phase, in the case of projects already developed, is essential to understand the needs of our customers and the opportunities we can guarantee them and precedes the start of the production cycle.

To guarantee this type of service, which is a feature of our company, our technical and commercial experts are able to evaluate the technical aspects of the products in their role as professionals in the sector. In the following design phase, they interface with our partners by offering an advisory service and create a dialogue that  facilitates sharing the needs of the customer and communicates the know-how acquired, in order to work together developing the most suitable solution.

During the project analysis, our specialised team performs both a general and a specific assessment regarding the supply of a product and the consequent processing that glass must undergo to obtain an effective and long lasting result. During this phase, we analyze:

  • The technical requirements for the product
  • The target performances
  • The aesthetic requirements
  • The budget, if required

A subsequent phase involves the evaluation and selection of the glass processing phases based on the result that our customers want to achieve. We evaluate:

  • The most suitable process to achieve the desired effect
  • Processing times
  • Implementation costs
  • Delivery service
  • Possible services on request such as installation or final tests

At the end of the project analysis, our experts interact with our customers presenting the results both from a technical and commercialstance . This type of service allows us to create a sharing relationship with our partners based on transparency and dialogue that is also maintained in the subsequent production phase. From the design to the delivery of the finished product, through the manufacturing processes, our Company guarantees to our customers a consultancy and assistance service and a constant update on the progress of the works.

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