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Veneto Vetro offers itself as reliable partner to develop projects that feature glass. Building firms, ship and boat building yards, interior and exterior design studios and companies working in the private and public transport sectors have all entrusted their most challenging projects to Veneto Vetro.

 digital glass printing

Cromoglass® is the digital glass printing technology offered by Veneto Vetro to its customers: a unique solution that combines the durability of ceramic paints with the versatility and quality of digital printing.


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Veneto Vetro Magazine features in depth topics related to the wide and complex world of glass. In our Magazine you will find information about industry’s events, the latest trends of the moment and interesting solutions of interior design and architecture that include the use of glass.

Safety glass: what it is where it is used

Tempered glass, laminated glass. There are different types of safety glass, according to the applications, to ensure the safety of people and things

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Float glass, clear, extra clear: what is the difference?

What do you mean by float glass and what is the difference with extra clear glass? Making some clarifications can be useful, to appreciate the quality of a product finishes

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Bird-safe glass digital printing: an ecological and safety choice

They are beautiful to see and warn birds about dangerous collision, to reduce the environmental impact of our cities. Learn how to create effective glass safe patterns with Cromoglass

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Glazing, screen printing, glass digital printing: what’s the difference?

There are several processes to color the glass surface. In this short article we will describe the different results you can obtain and applications

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