About us


About us

About us

To the question “Who we are?” Veneto Vetro answers: “for over 50 years leader in the industrial glass-working process.”

The main areas are: boat-building, shipbuilding, architecture, interior design.

In our identity there are, first of all an important experience acquired along the entire glass-working chain and also ongoing product and process research that makes of Veneto Vetro an Italian and international reference point for end and contract customers.

Ship and boat yards, contract and design studios rely on Veneto Vetro to create more difficult projects in size, bending, shaping, screen-printing and glass-printing, counting on its competences, professionalism and versatility.

Veneto Vetro offers customers consultancy and service, combining professional strengths and skills to obtain excellent results. The result is always a unique product, standing out in quality, difference and customisation.

In he “Who we are” of Veneto Vetro there is also Cromoglass®, a registered trade-mark, our digital printing technology.

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