Veneto Vetro can process and produce solutions for different types of architectural building needs. From civil to industrial on to religious architecture, thanks to its ability to customise products and its vast processing possibilities, the company offers its know-how to contracts, architects and designers for creations of various projects.

Glass enables elegant constructions with great impact. It is a highly performing material and the ideal choice for green building projects. In this sector, one of the most important factors is insulation against heat and cold. The choice of “double-glazing” and selective glass stops heat entering buildings without compromising lighting; whereas its low emissions stop heat getting out. Thanks to Cromoglass® digital printing, there are no limits to the application of weaves and images in multiple colours. Constructions can be personalised to meet customer aesthetics and stuctural needs.


Civil architecture

The large, specialised production department enables production of various types of facade and construction glass: from private homes to large residences, on to business and shopping centres.

Creating ambitious and design projects is one of the strongpoints of a company, chosen by important Italian and international architectural firms.

Veneto Vetro also holds all the certifications needed to build glass fins and facades, railings and parapets for outdoor use, modern artistic windows.


Industrial architecture

For industrial architecture, Veneto Vetro offers solutions that are careful over aspects such as practicality and cost-effectiveness, providing standard productions for ambitious projects.

The installation service offered to customers guarantees assembly quality because it is performed by qualified staff who know the installation procedures.


Religious Architecture

Veneto Vetro is present in religious architecture. Church and private institutions consult the company to be supplied modern artistic windows for churches, headstones and tombs. This is possible thanks to Cromoglass®. Ceramic colours and the high digital printing resolution are required by architects and designers expert in this type of production. The windows reduce heat dispersion to a minimum and optimise technical performance. The decorated double-glazing supplied by Veneto Vetro provides perfect thermal insulation and sound-proofing, not possible with traditional artistic windows.

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