Veneto Vetro manages the assistance in every processing step.

Discussing with costumers, from the very first steps, it’s a key factor in order to study requests and solutions to provide the best result.

The first phase is the choice of glass thickness– that can vary from 4 to 25mm.

The second phase is to evaluate every possible process, that can be necessaries to make a safe, long-lasting and resistant glass, not only respecting legal obligations.

The most common requests are: thermic resistance, tolerance to breakings and entering, solar filtration and containment, last but not least aesthetic customization.

Our sales and technical staff will guide our customers through the choice of glass type and accessories, when requested. Till the stylistic and electronic components in order to obtain a project of value that is also functional and beautiful.

We offer our partners customized products to satisfy functional, safety, stylistic and architectonical aesthetic needs. Our costumer can track all production stages by verifying the working schedule.

We arrange with our clients delivery times and modes of materials, that can be tracked and identified with labels with barcodes that are generated from the company informatic system.


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