For all its projects, Veneto Vetro adopts an advisory approach with customers, studying solutions that satisfy aesthetics, ergonomics and safety needs. The customer service covers the entire process, from planning to delivery and installation, on to replacing the glass if damaged.

For the naval and shipbuilding sectors, Veneto Vetro is prepared and highly specialised in sizing and testing projects.


The planning service covers all sectors: from shipbuilding to boat-building, from commercial to the industrial world, on to public transport and private building. For Veneto Vetro planning solutions for customers means processing the product, providing an advisory service and 360° assistance during all production cycle stages, guaranteeing continual updating on progress.

It designs surfaces ex novo and replacement for damaged glass. A team of experts can provide indications for both technical regulations and aesthetic quality. Veneto Vetro machines can process glass to reduce the risk of breakage or damage. The design stage examines the technical qualities most indicated, and planning activities go from the project in terms of calculation, drawings and definition of specification, to times and processing methods and delivery. Inspections and surveys are conducted during the planning stage. Respecting project times is fundamental. In primis, a model expressing attention and care for the customer, at all levels.

During planning we analyse: the product’s technical requirements to be satisfied, performances to be achieved, the aesthetic aspects to be created and budget to be met.

The step following planning is the assessment and choice of which glass-making process to use based on the desired result. We assess: the best process for the effect desired, processing times, costs, the delivery service and any services such as installation and finals tests.

Advice and assistance during all processing stages

Discussions with customers, from the very first planning stages, are fundamental for framing requests, studying solutions and guaranteeing the result. The first choice is glass thickness – from 4 to 25 mm – and the processing needed to make it resistant, lasting and safe, not just for legal obligations. The most common requests are thermal insulation, resistance to break-ins and damage, sun filtering and control, and customisation from the decoration point of view.

Our technical and commercial staff helps customers choose the type of glass, type of grinding and accessories (for doors and windows), the style and architectural component for a valuable, aesthetically beautiful project. Company flexibility, knowhow and the different processing procedures, executed with latest generation machines, make maximum solution customisation possible. Our partners are provided with custom products to satisfy the functionality, safety, desired aesthetic and architectural style. The customer can monitor the production stages and check work scheduling.


Material delivery times and methods are agreed with customers. It is tracked and identified by barcodes generated by the company’s IT system


The glass installation service is an element with a significant impact on how the glass performs; together with processing and specific treatments. A correctly installed surface guarantees safety and a lasting result, with a minimum risk of damage. Veneto Vetro has a team of technicians assigned to the installation service. It performs surveys prior to the project being processed and follows through till the end of the production cycle. This method gives technicians an overall view of the project, to be able to assess an effective assembly system in advance. Instruments supporting transport (suction cups, etc.) enable the team to handle the glass at maximum safety levels.


The Veneto Vetro replacement service is agreed with the customer and foresees a prior inspection to check damage, assess it and study the best way to improve and perfect product performance. In many cases. There is often the need is for more resistant, lasting glass, with specific processing.


Sizing glass is an exceedingly important element in the boat and shipbuilding sectors. The basic models are traced from indications provided by the certification bodies (???). Based on the hydrostatic thrust, our engineers can estimate the best thickness and composition for the various applications for the technical and aesthetic requests, obtaining excellent visual, thermal and acoustic solutions. Thanks to our multi-year tempering and layering experience, we can create resistant glass that is not too thick and weighs very little. We conduct bending tests pursuant to ISO 1289.

Testing with Naval Registers ISO614

For customers who need it, Veneto Vetro manages naval registers in compliance with ISO 614. This makes it possible for us to follow a stage that, in most cases, should be performed by the customer. In technical terms, this type of testing is called the punch test and is used to test the resistance and safety level of glass panes, after the different processing stages. The procedure is performed by engineers and certified supervisors c/o the various naval registers. They test the safety and non-destructive capacity of glass surfaces. This service guarantees customers a certified, very reliable product.

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