Naval sector

Naval sector

Naval sector

In recent years, the naval sector has faced an important development from both the position of technical and safety requirements and design. This change has also imposed a transformation on suppliers who want to stand out in a market that is constantly evolving. First of all, in recent times it has become necessary to think about  renewal of products, including glass, to ensure greater possibilities of application.

Veneto Vetro, in order to diversify the manufacturing processes and increase the efficiency of its production, has decided to invest using state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to create surfaces intended for cruise ships, large fast ships and fast ferries, which are changing from a structural perspective and are adopting new technologies. Thanks to the versatility of our Company, the specialisation of our staff and the continuous search for innovation and excellence, we work with the most important shipyards both in the construction and maintenance phase by participating in the production chain of the most prestigious ships that sail the seas around the world.

The use of glass, thanks to the multiplicity of processes it can be subject to, allows us to combine the needs of safety and comfort. Among the advantages of using this material in the naval sector is the control of sun rays, which guarantees an improvement from a functionalstance , in addition to a higher aesthetic quality. Regardless of size and consistency, all glass is tested for resistance to the most common and harmful phenomena at sea: temperature changes, pressure of water and wind, and corrosion.

Our product lines include portholes and windows, also of exceptional dimensions and thickness, if requested by our partners. Our staff is highly specialized and this allows us to offer our customers  a consulting and assistance service. Our experience allows us to provide advice aimed at making improvements to projects.

The products are made based on the specific needs of the customers from both the aesthetic perspective and  compliance with technical requirements. We also produce surfaces for interior design projects, to combine functionality with aesthetic quality. These include equipped walls, parapets, coverings, mirrors, doors and tables. The final test it is performed in the presence of Naval Registers supervisors and guarantees the delivery of an efficient, reliable and safe product.

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