The winning combination: pool and glass

The winning combination: pool and glass

The winning combination: pool and glass

22 June 2016

In the summer our thoughts fly to the relax at the poolside. In this article we summarize the precautions that will allow you to enjoy even more of your pool!

A view that stretches to infinity: from the pool the line follows the landscape while on the ground security is given by a glass parapet. Credits RENOLIT_ALKORPLAN_ITALIA

This pool could not be realized exactly on the edge so a glass parapet guarantees the view and protects from the sea wind. An architecture by Horizon Habitats .

As in a Zen garden the fountain and garden are next to the pool but a very transparent glass at the same time protects it. Dean Herald-Rolling Stone landscapes .

The rooftop pool is totally covered with wood and it can be reached by a staircase with glass railings. It ‘a project Westway Architects

The outdoors pool is a good vision from the living room thanks to a huge picture window. It is a restoration by T-Space Design & Build .

Thanks to a glass parapet you can turn a glance to the pool even from the first floor. It’s an idea applied by CplusC Architectural Workshop in this picture and in the next one.


A small pool between three walls and a glass parapet is well protected and can be used during a longer period of the year; even winter. A realization Futari Design

A glass parapet is also functional as a splash guard in the event that the pool is really very close to the wooden porch.

A swimming pool is surrounded by glass railings to avoid both leaves and animals from the area. Another perspective by Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

The indoor pool communicates with the outside world thanks to a big window. A house built by Gregory Phillips Architects

Either inside or outside. Use the pool during the entire year by placing it in a border area, in a kind of glass solarium that can be completely uncovered in the beautiful days. This is a great idea by MetroQuality .

Spectacle! This pool has a transparent glass side. Credits Eco Outdoor .

The projects by VAIREO SARL – Aménagements Piscines et Jardins shows that you don’t need a large space in order to have a swimming pool.  2x3mt may be enough to swim as in a Olympic swimming pool thanks to a motor that generates current; you can use it almost like bath and can be easily heated in winter.

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