Atelier effect

Atelier effect

Atelier effect

4 February 2016

The latest trend is the industrial style. One of its characteristic is the big glass widow with iron frame. This aesthetics solution looks perfect as well in a loft as in a nineties century building. It allows to create a “room in a room” that is nice also in a new house because it allows to create two separated areas in the same space keeping the eye contact. For example it is useful between kitchen and dining room so you can entertaining your guests without show them the work plan.

It’s really hard to find an original iron skeleton and even worst to adapt it to a space.

Cromoglass could be an alternative to obtain the atelier effect by printing the black outline on a monolithic glass window.

It is useful also between the bed room and the walk-in closet  or its bathroom. Recently architects design a separated space inside the bathroom to isolate a specific part.

Here below some examples of this trend:

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