C48 Boat: walled glass


Sessa Marine





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Among the important projects we have implemented in this sector is the construction of walled glass for the boat C48 designed by Sessa Marine.

This is the first yacht on the market since 2007 with the IPS propulsion system. Already awarded as “Boat of the Year” at the London trade fair in 2008, this model combines comfort with safety and design. Our customer has asked us to create an elegant and bright environment on board, which we have achieved with the processing of walled glass. This is a particular surface that, in addition to bringing light on board blending the outside and inside in perfect harmony, controls sun radiation and gives uniformity and elegance to the yacht. Using this type of glass has allowed us to meet the safety requirements of the glass portholes that separate the interior of the boat from the external environment. It also guarantees resistance to thermal changes and corrosion.

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