City Tower: Glass facades


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The City Tower has been designed by architect Roberto Nicoli and today, with its 42 meters, is the tallest structure in Bolzano, second only to the city’s bell tower.

Besides private residences, this structure also hosts numerous institutions and companies. The structure as a whole presents clear and linear forms, typical of contemporary architecture. The aim of this project was also to obtain an impressive building with high standards of energy efficiency.

In order to comply with these high energy efficiency standards, it was decided to appoint Veneto Glass with the task of building the facades of the City Tower. In this case, our company, in order to further increase the efficiency of the double glazing units, has decided to create them in a staggered structure with a double chamber containing gas. The inclusion of noble gases inside the double glazing unit greatly increases the thermal insulation performance of the building.

In addition, the glass of the double glazing units is selective, with solar control and low emission. Veneto Vetro is pleased to have taken part in this project, which, thanks to its double glazing units, has managed to obtain the CasaClima Class A certification.

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